Eating Healthy isn’t that Hard ( I promise)

So, my fabulous cousin sent me an article the other day, if you have a minute, it’s a good read.

Reading through the list, nothing on there was news to me, but I guess a lot of people don’t know these things… Let’s help spread the truth.

Carbs are not the enemy!

Meat is not the enemy!

Fats are not the enemy!

Processed weird stuff masquerading as food and inactivity are the enemy!

A couple tricks I use to keep me eating healthy.

1) Only eat sweets if you REALLY love them.   A bit of delicious homemade cheesecake?  Absolutely.   Worth it.   A snickers bar or some weird hard pastry that is left in your office?  No thanks.   Since I do have a sweet tooth, I like to bake at home, and then give most of them away, but then I can have a treat that I know isn’t bad for me.

These are one of my favorites:

2) Throw away garbage!  And by garbage, I mean margarine, and tastey kakes, and anything else in your cubbard that doesn’t resemble food.   Don’t feel bad about it!  Just toss it.

3) Pre chop veggies.  I hear a lot of people say that they don’t have time to cook.  Chop up an onion, half a cabbage, some red bell pepper and carrot and throw it in a bag in your fridge.   This mix will keep well, about a week.  You can sautee it in some butter and toss in an egg. Breakfast.   Toss it in olive oil, fruit juice ( whatever you have lemon, oj, lime) and a little salt and pepper for a quick and tasty Caribbean slaw.  Snack.    Fry with coconut oil, tofu or tempeh, ginger, soy sauce, and a little cayenne for a super tasty dinner.  Serve with quinoa.

4) Keep healthy carbs ready.   Make a batch of quinoa for the week.  Bake a 1/2 dozen small sweet potatoes.  Buy sprouted multi grain bread.   Makes it  a lot easier to not get delivery Chinese.  again.

5) Keep a snack on you.   At any given moment, I may have in my purse, a banana  (in a bunker)  some cashews, a protein shake mix, a clementine.   These are my defense against crappy snacks.

Happy Eating!  photo (10) Always protect your Banana


The Minx


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