Abs and Arms! Because I like to give the ladies what they want.

I feel like one of the main reasons people give up on exercise is setting really high goals, going too hard, then either hurting yourself of just giving up because you expectations were so high.  I’m all about just getting some in where you can.   Can’t make it to yoga 5 days a week?  Oh well, stretch for ten minutes every morning before your shower and go to a full class on Sunday afternoon.  Can’t go to the gym every day for an hour? Oh well, take your dog for an extra long walk and do 20 jumping jacks.   Just be a little better than you were yesterday, be proud of yourself and KEEP GOING!   All that said, don’t sell yourself short.  You did 9 push-ups last time.  Lets shoot for 12 today.  The zombie apocalypse is coming, and guns are heavy.

Some of my favorite arm and abs exercises!

PUSH UPS!  push ups are a great total body exercise and one of my favorite ways to sneak a little workout in even when I dont feel like doing much.  Waiting for the water for your tea to boil?  Drop and give me 5.  I know you may be thinking, ” I can’t do push ups” Well, you’re probably right.  However, you WILL be able to do push ups and you’ll be SO proud of yourself.  Start with modified push ups.  ( I’m not gonna call them girl push ups because this is 2015. ) Do as many as you can.  It might only be 3.   That’s okay, wait 5 minutes and try to do 3 more.  Do that until you cant do any more.  Also, to get primed for “real” push ups.  Try a plank.  You can do it on your hands ( high plank) or elbows (low plank) and don’t over do it.   Just try to feel tensing your body in that really straight line.

HULA HOOPING  Is the answer to everything.  Seriously.

It’s meditation, its dance, its trimming your belly and your arms.  Its a way to meet people, feel like a kid again, and catch a free dizzy buzz.  Get yourself a hula hoop.  (And some dumbbells, because lifting weights is awesome.)

ZUMBA is a fun, all fitness level and age accessible Latin themed dance workout.  I love it.  but you know what else I love?? Just turning on some music and having a dance party in my kitchen.  Blast some tunes, clean a song, dance a song.   Get those arms moving!

LIFTING WEIGHTS is better than running on a stupid treadmill.  

That is all.

So….. put down the computer and give me 5 push-ups and 10 jumping jacks already!


The Minx


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