Southern Style (sorta) Cornbread, Kale, and BBQ tempeh

I LOVE southern food, but hate Crisco, and I don’t want to get diabetes and lose a foot, so some modifications are necessary.   I made this meal start to finish in 30 minutes.   It cost about $7.  NAILED IT!

First!  Start heat the oven for the cornbread 400

MIX 1 cup ground corn meal ( I like Bob’s red mill )

1 cup regular or gluten free flour (Bob’s again)

2 tsp baking pwder

1/4 cup coconut sugar

1 egg

1/4 cup melted coconut oil

a little salt

1 cup plain yogurt

Pour in muffin tins and bake 20 minutes

WHILE Baking:

Chop 1/2 an onion and Sauteed in a little EVOO and butter

Add a bunch of washed, ripped up kale (saving stems in a bag in freezer for veggie stock! awe yeah)

Sautee for a few and then sprinkle lightly with soy sauce  put a lid on it and turn it off.

Chop up your tempeh (trader joes 3 grain is nice)

Fry in coconut oil til browned up a bit.

Add some water and your favorite BBQ sauce!

Right about now, you’re oven should be dinging!  Yum, corn muffins!  mmmmm put some raw local honey on top. OR you could’ve thrown some jalepanos and cheddar in… its a base recipe.  Go crazy!


Now remember, BBQ is full of salt and sugar, so go easy on it.  a little will go a long way.   I like Sweet Baby Rays.  The sauce is in fact, the boss.

Enjoy your meal!


the Minx


Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs

My all time favorite CLEAN comfort dinner.  I can’t stop eating this dish.

You will need:

-A spaghetti squash ( get a big one, or two small)

-about a pound of ground meat (chicken, turkey, or beef)

-1 stalk celery diced finely

-1 carrot   shredded

-1/2 an onion diced finely

-3 cloves garlic crushed or chopped finely

-Italian herbs 

-2 eggs

-a slice of bread i like sprouted multi-grain

-crushed red pepper

-low sodium marinara sauce    My favorite is Victoria brand tomato basil   You can of course make your own, but you’ve got enough things to do, am I right?

Pre-heat the oven to 350 and start prepping your squash.  Cut it in 1/2 lengthwise and scrape out all the seeds and turn upside down in a baking pan with a little water.

Mix your meat, eggs, carrot, onion, celery, and herbs together.  Toast your bread and after it cools, crumble it into the mix.  (store bought bread crumbs are garbage)  I like to also add a tiny dash of Worcestershire sauce, a tiny splash of soy sauce and a tiny splash of balsamic vinegar.  Add just a smidge of salt, some black pepper, and I like a good dose of crushed red for spice.

Fry a tiny bit of your meat mix on the stove so you can test the flavor before you bake it.  Adjust seasonings as necessary.

Roll them up, put them in a baking dish, cover them in sauce

bake the squash and the meatballs about 30-35 minutes.

When the squash gives a little when you touch it, its ready.  Pull them out and flip right-side up.  They will overcook if you leave them upside down steaming.   When you scrape a fork across the squash, it pulls into tender delicious spaghetti like strands for you to top with sauce, meatballs, and if you are feeling decadent…. a little grated hard cheese.

All the extra veggies in the meatballs make them super moist and healthier than most.

I go crazy on this dish, hope you love it as much as I do!


The Minx

Eating Healthy isn’t that Hard ( I promise)

So, my fabulous cousin sent me an article the other day, if you have a minute, it’s a good read.

Reading through the list, nothing on there was news to me, but I guess a lot of people don’t know these things… Let’s help spread the truth.

Carbs are not the enemy!

Meat is not the enemy!

Fats are not the enemy!

Processed weird stuff masquerading as food and inactivity are the enemy!

A couple tricks I use to keep me eating healthy.

1) Only eat sweets if you REALLY love them.   A bit of delicious homemade cheesecake?  Absolutely.   Worth it.   A snickers bar or some weird hard pastry that is left in your office?  No thanks.   Since I do have a sweet tooth, I like to bake at home, and then give most of them away, but then I can have a treat that I know isn’t bad for me.

These are one of my favorites:

2) Throw away garbage!  And by garbage, I mean margarine, and tastey kakes, and anything else in your cubbard that doesn’t resemble food.   Don’t feel bad about it!  Just toss it.

3) Pre chop veggies.  I hear a lot of people say that they don’t have time to cook.  Chop up an onion, half a cabbage, some red bell pepper and carrot and throw it in a bag in your fridge.   This mix will keep well, about a week.  You can sautee it in some butter and toss in an egg. Breakfast.   Toss it in olive oil, fruit juice ( whatever you have lemon, oj, lime) and a little salt and pepper for a quick and tasty Caribbean slaw.  Snack.    Fry with coconut oil, tofu or tempeh, ginger, soy sauce, and a little cayenne for a super tasty dinner.  Serve with quinoa.

4) Keep healthy carbs ready.   Make a batch of quinoa for the week.  Bake a 1/2 dozen small sweet potatoes.  Buy sprouted multi grain bread.   Makes it  a lot easier to not get delivery Chinese.  again.

5) Keep a snack on you.   At any given moment, I may have in my purse, a banana  (in a bunker)  some cashews, a protein shake mix, a clementine.   These are my defense against crappy snacks.

Happy Eating!  photo (10) Always protect your Banana


The Minx

Abs and Arms! Because I like to give the ladies what they want.

I feel like one of the main reasons people give up on exercise is setting really high goals, going too hard, then either hurting yourself of just giving up because you expectations were so high.  I’m all about just getting some in where you can.   Can’t make it to yoga 5 days a week?  Oh well, stretch for ten minutes every morning before your shower and go to a full class on Sunday afternoon.  Can’t go to the gym every day for an hour? Oh well, take your dog for an extra long walk and do 20 jumping jacks.   Just be a little better than you were yesterday, be proud of yourself and KEEP GOING!   All that said, don’t sell yourself short.  You did 9 push-ups last time.  Lets shoot for 12 today.  The zombie apocalypse is coming, and guns are heavy.

Some of my favorite arm and abs exercises!

PUSH UPS!  push ups are a great total body exercise and one of my favorite ways to sneak a little workout in even when I dont feel like doing much.  Waiting for the water for your tea to boil?  Drop and give me 5.  I know you may be thinking, ” I can’t do push ups” Well, you’re probably right.  However, you WILL be able to do push ups and you’ll be SO proud of yourself.  Start with modified push ups.  ( I’m not gonna call them girl push ups because this is 2015. ) Do as many as you can.  It might only be 3.   That’s okay, wait 5 minutes and try to do 3 more.  Do that until you cant do any more.  Also, to get primed for “real” push ups.  Try a plank.  You can do it on your hands ( high plank) or elbows (low plank) and don’t over do it.   Just try to feel tensing your body in that really straight line.

HULA HOOPING  Is the answer to everything.  Seriously.

It’s meditation, its dance, its trimming your belly and your arms.  Its a way to meet people, feel like a kid again, and catch a free dizzy buzz.  Get yourself a hula hoop.  (And some dumbbells, because lifting weights is awesome.)

ZUMBA is a fun, all fitness level and age accessible Latin themed dance workout.  I love it.  but you know what else I love?? Just turning on some music and having a dance party in my kitchen.  Blast some tunes, clean a song, dance a song.   Get those arms moving!

LIFTING WEIGHTS is better than running on a stupid treadmill.  

That is all.

So….. put down the computer and give me 5 push-ups and 10 jumping jacks already!


The Minx

You’re sick? Stay your A$$ in bed.

Okay, it’s that time of year.  We all partied and ate poorly and we have epic New Years resolutions that we’re ready to start (sure) BUT somehow, we’ve ended up sick.  I wonder why??  Well, considering I just spent the last 36 hours in bed and now feel infinitely better, I’ll give you a run down of some of my favorite remedies for….


First off, if at all possible, stay your ass in bed!  Don’t be a hero, work will go on without you.  Set yourself up with some serious fluids and netflix and hunker down.

Elderberry– you can get it in pills, extract, or syrup.  A great lung tonic.  Helps with cough.

Hot Toddies- whiskey, lemon, and raw local honey in hot water.  Kills germs, tastes great, soothes throat and knocks you out.

Chicken Soup-  Duh.

Apples and Pears- both are great for clearing congestion and giving you a little fiber when all you are eating is soup

Onion Steam-  chop up an onion (skin on) and put it in a bowl of boiling water throw a towel over your head and breathe it in.  SUPER soothing to the sinuses and also helps kill infection and clear nasal congestion.  (clears your pores, too)


Dairy. Beer. Pasteurized orange juice  (all increase mucus production)

Massage ( I know your body hurts, but it can push infection deeper into lungs) instead, have someone (preferably a sexy someone) pound on your back, this breaks up phlegm to help you expel it.

Neti Pots   Okay, I am usually a fan of neti pots, but when you have a nasal infection, you can end up pushing it deeper into your sinuses and/or introducing new bacteria.  Save it for allergies, stick to the onion steam.

Gatorade-  I used to love it, shoot, I’m from Gainesville after all (Go Gators!) but now its full of garbage. Get your electrolytes from some delicious coconut water.

Hope these help!  Oh, and monkeys.  Monkeys always make you feel better.



The 21 day fix

I recently did one of those fitness programs they sell on late night TV  I know, I know…. but

DISCLAIMER : I only really signed up to support my friend who was trying to get people to sign up for her challenge group.

However, pleasant surprise:  This is a pretty fantastic program.  IF you are looking for something intense to kickstart a  healthier day to day, I really suggest it.  Its 21 days of clean, portion controlled eating and a 1/2 hour workout each day.   Then, once you’ve shifted your habits, it should be easier to be moderate when you finish the 21 days.

This is my before/after photos ( yeah, I know, hot either way)  Don’t be so surprised at my narcissism, I did refer to myself as a minx, after-all.



So, I’ve heard a few requests to start a health blog.   I’ve never blogged before but I’m a people pleaser, so let’s give it a try.   First, I’m not the girl who works out everyday, I’m not vegan, or raw,    or gluten free.  I work in a bar and I drink beer and I eat cheesecake.  That said, it’s important to take care of yourself.  I’ve always been a champion for moderation, and now I’m on a quest…. the return of being reasonable!!   Is is just me, or does it seem like most people these days either obsess over health and nutrition, or are utterly  unconcerned?  I want people to remember that you can be healthy and still have a social life other than going to the gym and posting your food on instagram.     Let’s help each other!  A little better all the time…. except on the occasions when we deserve to be bad!  Huzzah!

photo 11040337_10151528149339405_1850597763_o




I cannot stress enough the importance of probiotics.  Particularly if you like booze or sweets (which most of us do)  Alcohol and evil delicious sugar cause your guts to go nuts.  Feeling bloated? Probably need probiotics.   Poor digestion? Probably need probiotics. Anxious and Depressed?  Probably need probiotics and a hug.   you get the point.   Start  here.  Baby steps.


Indispensable household staple, treats many ailments and makes a banging base for salad dressing.


Anyone who knows me knows how absolutely obsessed I am with coconuts.  The oil is delicious, antiviral, antifungal, a delightful moisturizer.  I could go on and on but I’ll save it for another post.  This is just your shopping trip.


Beat your sweet tooth with something that has redeeming qualities, like natural antibiotics and easing of allergies.

Go buy these things, then do something fun.  I recommend buying a hula hoop.  They rock.